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Need help? online dutch pharmacy
Need help? online dutch pharmacy

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Tramadol 50mg 30st


TRAMADOL STADA 50 mg hard capsules from STADAPHARM GmbH is a prescription drug.
For legal reasons, we are not allowed to provide any description or information about the content.
If you have any questions, e.g. about the active ingredient, dosage, intake, side effects and interactions of TRAMADOL STADA 50 mg hard capsules, information on pregnancy and breastfeeding or other questions, it is best to contact the attending physician or the staff at our pharmacy.

You can order and pay for TRAMADOL STADA 50 mg hard capsules in our online shop for a private prescription. Your original prescription must be available in our pharmacy. Faxes, email attachments, pictures or copies are not sufficient. We accept prescriptions from doctors from all EU countries and Switzerland. Private prescriptions are valid for three months after they have been issued.
For more information on ordering prescription drugs, see Prescription Drugs

You can choose the following payment for TRAMADOL STADA 50 mg hard capsules:

Payment in advance
Cash on delivery (only in Germany)
Direct debit (not for new customers)
Invoice (not for new customers)

If you have a prescription for TRAMADOL STADA 50 mg hard capsules at the expense of a statutory health insurance company in Germany, we ask you to use our prescription slip and send it to us in a letter together with your prescription. We settle accounts with all statutory health insurance companies in Germany. Please note that we may have to observe the discount agreements and reimbursement rules specified by your health insurance company. Cash register prescriptions are valid for one month.


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